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Feb 13, 2009
12:35 PM
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You Can Help Decide on Eagle County’s New Logo

You Can Help Decide on Eagle County’s New Logo

Eagle County, Colorado residents will be able to view the newly-designed county logo Friday morning on the county Web site:

Residents will be able to see the new logo and the old one, and vote on which one they like better. The poll will be on the county site from 8 a.m., Friday, until 5 p.m., Monday.

The hope is that a new logo would bring a more consistent look to the county, said Kris Friel, communications director for the county.

“Currently, there are at least five logos in use throughout different county departments,” Friel said. “The development of additional logos made it apparent the existing eagle was not the best represntation of the services Eagle County provides.”

The commissioners hired GOGO Creative — a Texas-based design company — to research and design a new brand for the county, including a logo and slogan.

Officials picked the logo they liked from a group of five, but want the public to see it before deciding whether to use it. The county has been negotiating with GOGO Creative to put the logo on her Web site —

The logo hasn’t been released because of the company’s concern that if the graphic is shown to the public, anyone could use it.

The logo broken down:

•    Matches with the strengths of Eagle County
•    Iconic image of the eagle and mountains
•    Appeal - colors blue and green
•    Global eco-friendly image
•    Represents year-round outdoor destination
•    Image is welcoming in feel, progressive, clean, open, friendly, and timeless
•    Incorporated the "E" and "C" for "Eagle County"
•    Identity is easy to reproduce, easy to read
•    Works well as a one-color or two-color image
•    Easy to reproduce and maintain brand consistency


Feb 19, 2009 12:41 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Can't wait to see it....

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